4 Activities Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day

May 6, 2021 | Lifestyle

Looking for fun activities that mom will love this year? Well we’ve done some research and know exactly what she wants!

A Day to Herself

We all want to spend Mother’s Day with the star of the show herself but, that might not be what she wants! Treat her to a wonderful breakfast and then let her relax the rest of the day. Relaxing has a different meaning to everyone. So, some ideas include: sending her off to Target, gifting her a Spa day, or letting her watch movies in bed all day!

A Road Trip

Family is the most important thing to her and making memories with family is probably her favorite thing to do! So pack up the car and go somewhere fun! You could go 30 mins away or hours and make a whole weekend out of it. Plan to do a few activities you know she will enjoy and make sure to take LOTS of pictures!

An Act of Service

Children of all ages can help with this activity! Cleaning the house, planting colorful flowers, cooking dinner, washing her car, or any other chore you know she would appreciate taking a break from.

Spend Quality Time Together

This could be just what every mom wants, to spend time with the ones that made her a mom! Game night, movie night, picnic, or baking together are just a few ideas to spend time together!

Treat Mom to a special day that she deserves! Don’t forget to swing by Steel City Pops and grab some pops to enjoy together too!

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