4 Fun New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make

Dec 30, 2020 | Seasonal

2021 is almost here, and you’ve probably started thinking about whether or not you should make any resolutions this year. Instead of making unattainable resolutions or skipping them altogether, look at this as a chance to add some fun to your life! Here are 4 New Year’s resolutions you can make that are doable—and will make 2021 even more fun. 

  1. Try a new workout every month to find one you love 

Instead of making a resolution like “Work out every day” that can become discouraging after time, make a resolution that turns exercise into something fun! Check out different workout studios or watch videos online for workouts you wouldn’t normally do. Whether you try Zumba or Barre, at the end of the year you might find a new favorite workout and you’ll be proud of your dedication. 

  1. Make a local restaurant bucket list 

For 2021, make a resolution to support local! Get together with friends or family, look up local restaurants and stores, and reach out to other friends for recommendations. Then, write everything down into one big restaurant bucket list. The next time you’re trying to decide where to grab dinner, check your list! 

  1. Start a new creative hobby 

Have you always said you wish you had more time for specific hobbies? For 2021, resolve to spend some time every week on a new hobby! Try out Pinterest recreations, learn how to play an instrument, start writing more, or anything that’ll get your creative juices flowing. At the end of 2021, you’ll be glad you started when you did. 

  1. Write a card, send a text, or call someone once a week 

If you want to be more intentional about reaching out to friends this year, try out this resolution! Buy stationery, envelopes, and stamps before the new year to make sending letters as easy as possible. Then, write out a message once a week to someone who may need it—from family members to old teachers, there are plenty of people who would love to hear from you.

This new year, stay away from tired old resolutions! Instead, resolve to make it a fun year filled with love and trying new things. And of course, it never hurts to promise to get pops as often as you can.

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