4 Ways to Take a Break From Work

Jan 27, 2021 | Lifestyle

Whether you are still going into an office or your working from home, everyone still needs a break. Staring at a computer all day is not healthy and can cause you to be less productive. Mental breaks are just as important as physical ones! Next time you are starting to feel burnt out, try one of these ideas:

Go for a Walk

Exercise is one of the best ways to stretch your body and your mind simultaneously. Walk around your neighborhood or around the house! Pop in your headphone and listen to some music or a podcast (stay tuned for “It’s Just Pops” launching this Spring!). Even call a friend and chat for a few minutes. Or just enjoy the birds chirping and wind whistling! Take some deep breaths and clear your mind!

Cook a Healthy Snack

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to whip up something delicious. Eat something filling that will keep your mind going for the rest of the day. Try oatmeal topped with honey and bananas or avocado toast sprinkled with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. Or, and this might be our favorite option, run to your local Steel City Pops and grab a 4-pop bag to have a sweet treat for a few days!

Make Weekend Plans

The work week will seem to move faster when you have something to look forward to on your days off! Plan to grab lunch with a friend or take your furry friend on a hike. The Sunday scaries won’t be so bad if you get some organizing for the week done in advance. Also plan to clean up around the house, meal prep, and plan out next week’s agenda. Enjoy your time off and relax, you deserve it!

Play a Game

Take a 15 minute break and play a game with your co-workers. Try to stay away from the video games and pickup a card or board game. Make it fun and laugh a little! Start a puzzle or color in an adult coloring book.

Make it a goal each day to take at least a 15 minute break to step away from the desk and move your legs. Everyone has a different way of recharging their battery! Comment your favorite break tips below!

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