5 Hobbies to Consider this New Year

Jan 19, 2021 | Seasonal

Watching Netflix, as badly as we want it to be, is not a hobby. Very unpopular opinion. Spend your free time this year with hobbies that will help you grow! Turn off the TV and put the phone down and instead, pick-up these hobbies:


We have been spending way too much time indoors. Grab a pair of gloves and a shovel and start playing in the dirt! It will make you feel better soaking in some Vitamin D and also leaves you with beautiful landscape to enjoy with friends or family. Curb appeal is always a great investment. So, plant some flowers, grow a vegetable garden or get ambitious and plant some trees!

Learn a New Language

How cool would it be to have a pen pal in a different country? Our Director of Production, Olivia Watson, taught English to students in Indonesia while in college. She uses the language daily still with her soon-to-be husband! Rosetta stone is a great tool to use. Get some friends to join in your studies and speak to each other only in that language! What a cool skill to have while also bonding with your friends!


Eventually, parties will be a thing again. And when they are, don’t you want to impress everyone with your mad cooking skills?! Maybe binge a few episodes of Hell’s Kitchen on Netflix, but practice does make perfect! Set a goal of how many new dishes you want to create each week and then get to cooking. Keep up with your recipes and make a 2021 Cookbook for friends and family.


Giving back to your community is one of the best ways to spend your free time. Even though you are giving to others, you will also “get” more from this hobby than you will give. A few ideas are checking in with your elderly neighbors, Humane societies, community kitchens, tutor (maybe learn that new language than teach it to others?!), your church. There are so many different causes and organizations to support, find one or two you love a do it!

Foster an Animal

Definitely the cutest hobby on the list! Fostering an animal is a good idea for anyone thinking about adopting a pet. You can get an idea of what owning your pet would be like, while also preparing this animal for it’s forever home. This also give the animal shelter more room to take in more animals! Its a win-win situation.

Spend your free time this year growing yourself and your community. And hey, trying all the Steel City Pops flavors sounds like a pretty fun hobby too!

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