5 Ideas to Celebrate the Kentucky Derby!

Apr 13, 2021 | Seasonal

If you live in Kentucky, you know what time it is… Derby Time! And here at Steel City Pops, we love to celebrate! Here are a handful of ideas to celebrate the Kentucky Derby:

Dress Code

The most important part to any event, what to wear! Extravagant outfits are the key to perfectly celebrating the Kentucky Derby. Over-the-top hats, brightly colored suits and dresses, or anything Vineyard Vines will do! Vineyard Vines is a partner to the Kentucky Derby and has their own collection for the event!


Roses are a must for the derby. The derby is also referred to as “The Run for the Roses”. A blanket of over 400 roses is given to the winner after the race is over. You could decorate with roses or even send your guests home with tiny rose bouquets.

Derby Trivia

Unfortunately, the Derby only lasts a few minutes and you will have to entertain your guests the whole time! Find some Derby trivia. Trivia is fun for everyone to play and you can determine the level of difficulty yourself. Take it up a notch and play Derby themed music and create your own rose blanket to give the winner!

Mint Juleps

The best. part. of. Derby: The official drink, Mint Julep! What is it? A mixture of bourbon (duh), crushed ice, sugar, water, and fresh mint. Pour them in a fancy glass and serve. But guess what?! Steel City Pops has a Mint Julep pop! For all our Kentucky fans, you can grab a pop at one of our stores in May to celebrate! Order a dozen or more to bring to share with your friends!


Stick with Southern Classics! Pimento cheese dip, grits, and absolutely anything with Bourbon in it. Need some help with picking out the perfect Derby dish? Head to the official Derby website for all the best recipes: https://www.kentuckyderby.com/party/recipes/dishes.

There are so many different ways to celebrate the Kentucky Derby! Take the traditions that have been passed down for decades and add your own spin onto it!

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