We love the fall season and one of our favorite holidays is Halloween.  And we enjoy helping you celebrate with pops!

We’ve created a Halloween Pop Kit you can use at home to create all kinds of fun and silly Halloween creations. You can decorate your pops and serve them to your guests or invite the neighborhood kids over to decorate their own pops!

The Halloween Pop Kit includes
2 packets of white icing (coconut oil, powdered sugar)
2 packets of chocolate icing (coconut oil, cocoa powder, powdered sugar)
1 packet of candy eyes (contains egg)
Instruction Card

Where Do You Get A Kit?
The kits will be available in our stores from October 9th – 31st for $5 (plus tax).

How Many Kits Should You Buy?
You can use a kit to decorate up to 12 pops.  If using the kits for a kids party (letting younger kids decorate their own pops) you may want to buy an additional kit or two as kids tend to be a bit more generous with their decorations (ahem, icing.)

Check out the resources below


Halloween Pop Kit – Icing Prep, Tips & Troubleshooting

Halloween Pop Kit – Decorating and Serving Ideas

Halloween Pop Kit – Kids Party

Halloween Pop Ideas


Watch these videos for detailed instructions and serving ideas!


Use our Halloween Pop Kit to make your next Halloween party for kids a big hit!

Show Us Your Halloween Pops!
Share pics of your decorated pops using #steelcitypops and we’ll enter you in a 25 free pop give-away!