A Weekend in the Life of Pete Srodoski

Mar 23, 2021 | Lifestyle

Ever wonder what the weekend for the CEO of Steel City Pops looks like? Well we are here to share exactly what our fearless leader does in his free time!

Saturday mornings start bright and early for the Srodoski clan! Pete wakes up and makes waffles and scrambled eggs for the family. The kids all have their own special add-ons to go on top of the waffles. In addition to their five kids, there are always friends over for sleepovers- think about how many waffles that is!

After enjoying the mountain of waffles, Pete and his wife, Jess, take the kids on a walk to the playground. Don’t be fooled, you will definitely find Pete racing his daughters down the slide or trying to swing as high as his sons. Just like most households, house cleaning is done after all the fun is had. While the babies nap, Pete and his wife turn into the ultimate power couple and tackle all the chores that need to be done.

Hiking is a popular hobby for the family, as well as visiting extended family. Saturdays are date night for Pete and Jess. After traveling for work during the week, Pete takes Jess out on the town (dinner and Target, duh) to enjoy some quality one-on-one time together.

If you couldn’t tell, the ideal weekend for Pete involves spending time with his family outdoors. Playing outside, swimming at the pool in the summer, making pizza on family movie nights, or staying up late with his wife and watching scary movies are just a few more of the fun activities that the Srodoski’s enjoy!

We all know that family that we like to keep up with. But, here at Steel City Pops, we prefer to Shake with the Srodoski’s! Want to ask Pete a question? Email him at [email protected]!

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