In the Center of Tradition – Steel City Pops, Auburn

Oct 10, 2016 | Stores

Take a stroll with us down College Street to our Steel City Pops shop located in the heart of downtown Auburn. Our Auburn shop is surrounded by great retail neighbors that make up a variety of unique shops, bookstores, quaint coffee shops, and great places to eat. Located near Toomer’s Corner, the center of University of Auburn tradition since the late 1800s, this area is the focal point of downtown Auburn.

SCP:  What makes the Auburn community so great?

Jonathan, SCP Team Member:
The customers that come into Steel City Pops in Auburn are great because they’re so down to earth. They’ll stick around and have a conversation with us before going about the rest of their day. Their friendliness definitely helps us feel valued and respected, and we get to return the favor!

Nicole, SCP Team Member:
I enjoy seeing all of the families and regulars that come into the store. It’s great to see little kids come in and get excited about a pop. It’s a lot of fun!

SCP:  Where are you located and what makes your store unique?

We are located right across the street from Toomer’s Corner. It’s just a short walk from the Toomer’s Oaks, and all the many boutiques downtown, so it’s a great place to stop in for a quick treat.

SCP:  What do you enjoy most about your job?

David, SCP Team Member:
My favorite part of the job is all of the people who make it fun. Our customers are great, they are enjoyable to be around! I might get to share a laugh with complete strangers that come in or enjoy having hour long conversations with people who I see every week.

I really enjoy the regular customers we have at Steel City Pops. It’s cool to go to work and form relationships with people you might otherwise have never met.

SCP Pop at Auburn (attribution -

SCP Pop at Auburn
(attribution –

SCP: What would you say to someone who has never visited the store and tried a pop?

The I first time I told my mom about SCP, she was very skeptical about it saying “what could be so great about a pop?” I told her that it’s not just any pop! It’s so much more than that and we have flavors you can’t find anywhere else. Once she tried it, she was hooked! So I would say that if you’ve never tried SCP, just give it a chance! You never know!

I’d tell them that our pops are so much more than just any old pop. Our pops are home-made with the best ingredients, and you can tell by the taste of the pop. They are by far the best pops I’ve ever eaten (I was a loyal customer before I came to work here, so maybe I’m not quite as biased!).

SCP: What are your favorite pop flavors?

David:  As if I could have a favorite! It changes day by day. Some days that Coffee pop just hits me right, some days that Chocolate pop soothes the soul, and on hot days, our Guava can quench any thirst.

Blueberry Basil is literally the best flavor we have. Avocado is really good too, and you can never go wrong with our Buttermilk flavor!

I have lots of favorites, from Passion Fruit to Blueberry Basil. But, I can always, on any day, eat a Chocolate pop. It never fails to satisfy!

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