Buy Pops Often? Get All the Perks!

We are extremely grateful for our customers!  We appreciate every visit you make to our stores, especially when it is a repeat visit. We developed our Customer Loyalty program as a way to show our appreciation.

If you frequent our stores often and you aren’t a member of our Customer Loyalty Program you might want to think about signing up.   Here’s how it works:

  • The Customer Loyalty Program is tied to your phone number.
  • To become a part of our Customer Loyalty program at your next visit provide us with your phone number, we’ll create your account, and be able to easily log your purchases and track your rewards. (Don’t worry!  We won’t text you or contact you without your permission.)

What are the perks?


  • With every pop you buy you earn a star.  When you get 10 stars, we give you a free pop! How easy is that?


  • You’ll receive a confirmation text with an option to give us your email address.  If you opt in with your email address we’ll send you our monthly newsletter with exclusive news, information, and promotions just for our Customer Loyalty participants.

Questions about our Customer Loyalty Program?  We’ve got answers! Check our our Customer Loyalty FAQ’s.