In the Center of All the Action, Welcome to Casa Linda!

Located in northeast Dallas near White Rock Lake, the Casa Linda shopping area is the bustling hub of the neighborhood where we want to introduce you to the team that serves this vibrant community.  They have great things to say about our customers in this area.

SCP:  What makes the community around our Casa Linda store so great?

Landon Wilson, SCP Team Member:  I love the customers in this community.  They really enjoy coming in for pops.  They are always friendly and always walk out with a smile.  It is really fun to serve the people in this area because they love Steel City Pops as much as the employees who work here.  SCP really fits in well with this community and the customers make doing my job even better.

McKinsey Everette, SCP Team Member: In our store the team members all have an inclusive and caring heart and that helps create a family atmosphere. When customers come in they can sense that and feel comfortable and welcomed just like they are a part of the family. Customers know they will be treated well and get a great treat, so the environment is always positive between customers and the team.

Emily Beckman, SCP Team Member: Our Casa Linda customers perfectly represent the family-oriented, close knit community here. Each day you’ll find high school kids enjoying a treat together after school, as well as friends grabbing a pop for a walk at the lake. Moms of the community come in to enjoy a pop together and catch up while their kids play and grandparents enjoy a leisurely stroll through the plaza. It makes the store such an enjoyable, life-giving  environment.

SCP:  Where are you located and what makes your store unique?

McKinsey: The Casa Linda store is located in Casa Linda Plaza. There are some dine-in restaurants like Torchy’s Tacos, Pei Wei, Chili’s. There is so much variety as to what is around our shop. It is a fun area to check everything out and then stop by to grab a refreshing pop!

Landon: We are located at 944o Garland Road in the shopping center right next to Nothing Bundt Cakes, Sample House an Torchy’s.  Our store is unique because there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy a pops.  You can sit on the bench outside, by the large window in our store, or upstairs in the loft.  People often buy their pops and hang out in the store upstairs in the loft.  The pops we serve are made fresh daily in the Greenville store.

SCP:  What do you enjoy most about your job?

McKinsey: I really enjoy serving the people who come in. It’s fun to help them decide what flavor they would enjoy, and it is also fun to talk with customers about the flavors in general. Working in an atmosphere that is very inviting and positive is super encouraging and helps me in my life outside of the job. I’m not just coming in to work then leave. I get to learn exciting skills for my future.

Emily:  The great thing about working at Steel City Pops is the tangible joy our customers bring into store. It’s fun to see regular customers come in each day excited to try a new flavor or share how much they love Steel City with their friends.

Landon:  I haven’t been in my job for very long but there is so much to love! I genuinely enjoy coming to work.  Some of my favorite parts of the job are explaining who we are and what we do, talking about our creamy flavors versus fruity flavors, which flavors are tart and which flavors are sweet, how we got started, all of those good things.  I really enjoy trying the new flavors we create!

SCP: What would you say to someone who has never visited the store and tried a pop?

McKinsey:  Our pops are a simple and sweet way to be adventurous, so it is definitely worth it to try our pops! They’re made with all natural ingredients and are decently healthy. You can’t really go wrong with a flavor, plus you can work yourself up to free pops eventually! In that case, you should (the famous words are), “Treat Yo Self!”

Emily: If you have yet to come to our store, you’re missing out! Coming to Steel City is a treat for your taste buds with both familiar and exotic flavors, it’s also a great way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening with friends. We strive to not only make great pops, but also to create a lively environment and memorable experience.

SCP: What are your favorite pop flavors?

McKinsey:  My favorite fruity flavor is Blood Orange, and my favorite creamy flavor is Coffee.

Emily:  We have the chocolate pop year round but it never gets old! The rich chocolate mixed with a creamy texture is my absolute favorite.

Landon:   I can’t decide on just one flavor so here are my top three:  lime, horchata, and lavender lemonade.  Each pop is amazing!