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Peanut Butter Pie Cookie Pop!

Peanut Butter Pie Cookie Pop!

This summer we have a new cookie pop on our menu you’ve just got to try – Peanut Butter Pie!

Do you love peanut butter?  Love it in a cookie?  How about with some home-made vanilla ice cream?  If you answered yes to even one of those questions, this pop is for you.

This pop starts out with our house made, gluten free, peanut butter cookie made from all natural peanut butter.  …

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Pop of the Month: Peach Cobbler a la Mode

This month we’re featuring one of favorite summer pops in our Pop of the Month: Peach Cobbler a la Mode.

This handmade pop starts with fresh, local peaches, picked right at the peak of freshness.  We combine those ripe, yummy peaches with with sweet cream, organic cane sugar, vanilla bean, and a hint of sour cream.  This peach cream pop is amazing all on its own but we decided to take …

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New Cookie Pop – Oatmeal Cream Pie

Remember those days when you’d come home from school, grab a tall, cold glass of milk and an oatmeal cream pie?  We do!  And we’ve created a pop that puts all of those wonderful things together!

We are super excited to introduced one of our newest cookie pops – Oatmeal Cream Pie!  We take our house-made oatmeal cookie (gluten free!) and put it in the middle of our vanilla bean pop.  …

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Pop of the Month: Strawberry Milkshake

Our Pop of the Month for June is truly a throw back to the good ol’ days!  Nothing says summer time like a strawberry milkshake made from homemade ice cream.

It all starts with our strawberry cream pop made with fresh, ripe, and sweet strawberries, sour cream, and rich sweet cream. We dip it in our smooth white chocolate and drizzle it with milk chocolate.

This pop creation is nostalgia …

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In the Kitchen with Katie – Hibiscus & Elderflower!

In this episode of “In the Kitchen with Katie” we take a look at two of our more unique pops, Hibiscus and Elderflower.

These pops are both derived from dried flowers.  We brew the dried flowers, just like a tea, add organic cane sugar to sweeten them just the right amount and freeze them into pops.  They are surprisingly fruity in their flavor profile.  These floral based pops are super tasty …

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Pop of the Month – Chocolate Dipped Banana

This month we’ve come up with the perfect dipped pop combination… Chocolate Dipped Banana! Who doesn’t love the delicious combination of banana and chocolate??

To make this combination we take our sweet, creamy, banana pop with a hint of cinnamon. We dip it in our creamy, milk chocolate. And then we dredge it chopped pecans and finish it off with a drizzle of milk chocolate. It’s a match made in heaven!

Want …

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Our Cookies… House-made & Gluten Free!

When we began creating our cookie pops we knew we wanted only the best, gluten free, cookies we could provide.  So, we decided to make them ourselves!

All of the cookies used in our Alabama, Kentucky and many of our Texas locations are made by hand in our Steel City Pops kitchen.*  And all of our cookies are gluten free.  They are all-natural with no artificial flavors or ingredients.

Our house-made brownie, …

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The New and Improved Chai Latte Pop!

We are always on the lookout for the absolute best ingredients to use in our pops.  And we strive to use local ingredients whenever possible.  When we discovered Sachai Tea Company in Birmingham, AL, it was a game changer in our Chai Latte Pop recipe.

In this video Katie talks about how we discovered this amazing chai concentrate and how it took our Chai Latte Pop to a whole new level!

We’re …

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Pop of the Month: Mocha Caramel Crunch

Boy, oh boy, have we got a dipped pop combination for you!

This month’s pop of the month features our ever popular coffee pop, made with some of the best coffee on the planet,  Octane espresso.  We take this decadent pop and dip it in creamy milk chocolate.

We top it off by dredging it in our house-made, gluten free, dark chocolate cookie crumbs. But we aren’t stopping there! To make it …

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Pop of the Month: Chocolate Covered Strawberry

We have a great, new, Pop of the Month for February, Chocolate Covered Strawberry! And it’s totally PERFECT! (If we do say so ourselves!)

What better month than February to take one of our all time favorite pops, strawberry, and dip it in smooth, creamy, chocolate with a drizzle of white chocolate?

Yep. We just took chocolate covered strawberries to a new level!

Bring your sweetheart in for this wonderful, February treat. They …

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