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Honoring the Culture of Chai

Chai is a small part of Indian culture but an important one.  The creators of Sachai are passionate about honoring that culture and the people of India.

The quality of their chai is testimony to that passion. And it’s one of the reasons we are thankful for their partnership and contribution to our chai latte pop.

All of their chai is brewed by hand with a blend of two different types of …

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Meet the Creators of Sachai

This month, over a series of blog posts, we want to introduce you to our friends and creators of Sachai.   Founders Clint and Rebecca Denson create the delicious chai that makes our chai latte pop a sweet, creamy sensation bursting with tongue tantalizing spices.

Clint and Rebecca grew up on opposite sides of the world.  But one summer, in the heart of Alabama, a chance meeting changed their lives forever.

Clint grew …

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Show the Love with Provid Water

Did you know that with every purchase of Provid you “Show the Love” to thousands of people around the world who don’t have access to clean water?  Steel City Pops bottles and sells Provid water in all of our stores, donating 100% of the profits to NeverThirst.

NeverThirst is a nonprofit organization with a mission to make clean, potable water accessible in third world and underdeveloped nations. Since its inception in 2008, …

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Giving Back to Our Communities

We  are so grateful to be a part of the communities where we have Steel City Pop shops.  We love to partner with local organizations that are working hard to help people in their community.  And we consider it an honor to give back to these organizations when we can. This month we are doing something special for several organizations that provide us with some of our best employees.

On Saturday, …

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Locally Sourced Pecans Make the Difference

Sourced local, made local, for locals” is our goal at Steel City Pops.  We want to work with local providers to source the ingredients for our pops so that each one is made from the best ingredients available. Two of our favorite fall flavors, Butter Pecan and Carrot Cake, contain salted, roasted pecans from local providers.

Alabama & Kentucky

In Alabama and Kentucky our “fresh from the farm” pecans come from …

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Steel City Pops Goes To Steadfast Farms

Recently we took a short road trip to visit our friends and Steel City Pops partners Chuck and Kari Self, owners of Steadfast Farms.  The blueberries produced at Steadfast Farms go into many of our pops.  We’re grateful for our partnership with Chuck and Kari and are proud to use the all natural, pesticide free, blueberries they grow on their farm.  These juicy, sweet, blueberries come straight from Steadfast Farms and …

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