Celebrating 5 Years of Steel City Pops

There are many ways we could celebrate our 5th birthday at Steel City Pops.  A lot of good things have happened over the past 5 years but to celebrate our birthday this year we wanted to highlight our customers and what they have accomplished by purchasing our most important product, our water.

When Jim and Amy Watkins opened Steel City Pops in the spring of 2012 they knew they wanted to do something that made an impact in the lives of others around the world.  Jim and Amy had been supporters of NeverThirst, an international non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean water to the poor, prior to starting their business.  They had personally seen the amazing work this organization was doing and they wanted to give their customers an opportunity to join them.  The idea of Provid Water was born.

Steel City Pops bottles and sells Provid water, donating 100% of the profits to NeverThirst. Through this approach, we’ve been able to fund the installation of numerous wells in India, Uganda, and Cambodia.  Through the purchase of our water here is what our amazing customers have accomplished through NeverThirst:

Steel City Pops has given over $70,000 to clean water projects and we anticipate increasing that to over $100,000 this year.

In India we’ve drilled 5  wells giving almost 1,000 people access to clean water.

In Uganda we’ve established a production well giving over 10,000 people access to clean water

In Cambodia we’ve helped to establishe 3 School WASH projects which serves 1,000 students, 2 clean water wells that provides water to 50 families and 10 Cambodia Biosand filter / latrine stations that are currently under construction.

We are so thankful for our customers and what has been accomplished over the past 5 years with their support through the purchase of Provid water.  We are looking forward to doing even more in the years to come.