Chocolate Brownie Pop

This month we’re bringing one of our favorite Cookie Pops into the spotlight – Chocolate Brownie. This pop is a crowd favorite and a chocolate lovers dream. If you like fudgy brownies and rich, creamy, chocolate ice cream you’re going to love Chocolate Brownie!

Chocolate Brownie, a Steel City Pops Classic

Chocolate Brownie begins with our classic chocolate pop. We make the creamy ice cream portion of the pop with Santa Barbara Chocolate and sweet cream. It tastes just like hand churned chocolate ice cream! It surrounds our house-made, gluten-free, brownie made with dark, rich cocoa with just the right amount of “bite” to give you that satisfying brownie chewiness. The dark chocolate brownie pairs perfectly with the creamy milk chocolate ice cream for a heavenly combination.

This is a pop you will want to indulge in! Come on in and give it a try!  If you want to go the extra mile, customize it in our Customization Station and dip it in dark or milk chocolate.  You can find customization options on our local menu. You just might think you’ve died and gone to heaven!