Coming Soon! Our Creamy & Dairy Free, Cashew Pop!

While working in her kitchen on a yummy and delicious non-dairy cream sauce made from cashews, Katie Moon, Director of Culinary Development, had a moment of inspiration. “We could do this and make a creamy, rich, non-dairy pop!” With a little trial and error Katie developed the recipe for one of our newest fall flavors, cashew!

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.43.59 PMWe start our creamy (and non-dairy!) cashew pop by soaking toasted cashew pieces overnight. We blend them up, nice and smooth, with coconut milk, water, and a splash of simple syrup made from organic cane sugar.  The result is a rich, smooth, and creamy pop with a hint of coconut.

If you are looking for a non-dairy option (other than our fruity flavors) we’re excited to introduce this new flavor on our fall menu. We encourage you to give the cashew pop a try!  Even if you aren’t avoiding dairy this pop is delicious!  It might even become your new favorite!