Cookies & Cream, Everybody’s Favorite Pop!

Cookies & Cream is one of our most popular pops.  Everybody loves to treat themselves to this delicious pop!  It is probably one of our most versatile pops on the menu.

We begin this creation with our smooth and creamy vanilla bean pop.  Sweet cream and real vanilla bean combine to create the perfect beginning to this cookie pop.  The rich, gluten-free dark chocolate cookies are made by hand in our own kitchen.  We bake them to crispy, chocolate-y perfection!  Once they are cool we break them into bite size chunks and add them to the vanilla been base.

This amazing pop is wonderful all on its own but you can take it even further by customizing it in our dipping station.  Here are some customization options for you to try:

Cookies and Cream Pop drizzled with milk Chocolate

Cookies & Cream Pop dipped in White Chocolate, Dredged in Dark Chocolate Cookie Crumbs

Cookies and Cream Pop dipped in Dark Chocolate and dusted with Cocoa