Customize Your Pop: Tuxedo Crunch

If you have been to our store recently you may have noticed something different on our menu.  We’ve expanded our menu to include various dipping options made with the flavors currently on our menu.

Our dipping station can be overwhelming to some and you could find yourself not knowing exactly where to begin. On the back of our in-store menus we’ve given you some dipping options to help make the choices just a bit easier. This month we want to point out one of our favorite options, Tuxedo Crunch!

This customized pop starts with our creamy, rich, chocolate pop. We dip it in Santa Barbara organic, all-natural, white chocolate and then we dredge it in our house-made gluten-free dark chocolate cookie crumbs.  And for the finishing touch we drizzle it in Santa Barbara organic dark chocolate. It’s a chocolate lover’s paradise!

Want to give it a try?  Come in to any of our stores and ask for the “Tuxedo Crunch”.  We know you’re going to love it!