Shirt Design Contest Winner

Throughout the month of June, we had the privilege of connecting with all of our artsy pop fans – through a shirt design contest! For 2 weeks we opened it up for submissions, and 324 of you turned in some of the coolest designs we’ve seen. We faced the extremely difficult task of narrowing the pool down to our Top 12 Designs. We then opened it up to voting, with the top designer winning a coveted Steel Card! A Steel Card is literally a steel card that entitles the holder to 4 free pops PER DAY for a YEAR!

Well, you have all spoken through your votes, and we have a winner!

But… it gets better.

We have 2 WINNERS!

The race was close, and the top 2 designs were so great that we are printing BOTH.

Meet our winning designers, and become friends with them quickly (maybe they will share their winnings!)

Store Locations as a Pop Design – created by Sutton Davison

IMG_1838Sutton is originally from Shreveport, Louisiana but currently lives in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Southeast Missouri where he works as the Director of Design for an online marketing company. When he’s not designing logos or developing new branding for clients, you can find him rooting on all of his beloved Pittsburgh sports teams, out on the golf course trying not to look silly, or listening to and making music.

 Design F

Here’s what Sutton said about his design:

“I wanted my design to highlight all of SCP’s ridiculously cool locations across the three states. I hope when people wear the shirt or see the design, they get to see that while each of the locations is unique, the whole Steel City family is all about the same thing: bringing people together by serving up great pops.”

Pop in the Pocket Design – created by Paul Wathen

unnamedPaul is a mechanical engineer at a bus seat company. He is a father-to-be, and knows that his pregnant wife will love sharing in his pop winnings! He loves hockey, woodworking, chicken wings and his hometown of Louisville, KY.

Here’s what Paul said about his design:Design D

“I’ve always heard that it’s illegal to keep an ice cream cone in your back pocket, but what about a popsicle in your shirt pocket?”

Congratulations Sutton and Paul, and be watching for these new shirts in our stores soon!