Don’t be Timid, be Adventurous!

We enjoy creating pops for our customers and we are always on the look out for new flavor combinations as we keep our eye on what’s happening in the culinary world.  There are so many great flavor combinations out there and some of them are a little different that what we might be used to.  We enjoy experimenting and coming up with flavors that are not “typical” flavors you might find in a pop.  And when we create one we really love, we share it with you!

And, if you try a pop you don’t like, we’ll replace it with another flavor for FREE! With nothing to lose, here are some of the more unique flavors you’ll want to try on our Summer Menu:

This pop is one of our floral based pops with a  citrusy, and honey-like flavor.  This pop is made from the flowers that come from the Elderberry bush.  Traditionally featured in a Nordic drink, we’ve created a delicious pop that tastes beautiful!

Chai Latte
This pop packs a punch of Far East spices like cloves, cardamom, whole black pepper, cinnamon and fresh ginger. It’s creamy, spicey, with a light sweetness from jaggery sugar. Our chai concentrate is created by hand in the traditional Indian way featuring Asam and Bengal teas created by Sachai Tea Company located in Birmingham, AL.

Inspired by the classic Mexican rice drink this pop is a creamy based pop made with rice, cinnamon, and vanilla bean.  If you love Cinnamon Toast Crunch, this pop is definitely for you!

Piña Colada
This fruity and creamy pop is made with perfectly sweet, fresh pineapple, blended with coconut milk and cream into a smooth and creamy confection.  This pop will take you to emerald green waters surrounded by sandy beaches with tropical breezes!


Photo Credit: @DevinaStennfeld