Giving Back to Our Communities

We  are so grateful to be a part of the communities where we have Steel City Pop shops.  We love to partner with local organizations that are working hard to help people in their community.  And we consider it an honor to give back to these organizations when we can. This month we are doing something special for several organizations that provide us with some of our best employees.

On Saturday, December 17, Steel City Pops will donate 50% of all it’s profits to the following organizations:


The Exceptional Foundation

TEF_primary_with_tag_287A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Exceptional Foundation was established in 1993 to serve mentally and physically challenged individuals in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama area by targeting social and recreational objectives not met by educational institutions or the community at large.

buildingThe overall daily goals of The Exceptional Foundation are to enhance the lives of its participants through a variety of activities and to provide a community for the mentally challenged population and their families.  The Exceptional Foundation currently serves over 400 individuals in Greater Birmingham through its various programs throughout the year.


Dreams With Wings

Started in 2000, Dreams With Wings was founded by a group of individuals who wanted to improve the quality of services, programs, and community inclusion for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism. Initially started to provide residential housing in the Louisville area, today we have grown to support over 230 individuals in 12 residential homes, and 5 apartment buildings. In addition, Dreams With Wings offers an Adult Day Program, Supported Employment, Summer Camp Programs, Behavior Supports, Occupational, ABA, Physical, Psychological and Speech Therapies. We are located in the heart of the Highlands in Louisville and led by Executive Director, Jenifer Frommeyer.


The Summerhouse (Houston)

vector-summerhousel3The Summerhouse, a Houston nonprofit, exists to fill gaps! By offering a new way for young adults with intellectual disabilities to receive post-secondary education and training, we are filling a gap at a transitional point in their lives.Providing their families with a viable option for programming, training, and care fills their gap of concern. And, we are filling a gap in our neighborhood by starting a grassroots educational movement through volunteerism and vocational partnerships. Every step of the way, The Summerhouse is proving that our members are valued in our community both during their transition into adulthood and well after.

We imagine a world where those with disabilities, their families, and the communities they live in are without gaps. Until then, The Summerhouse will work to fill every gap by providing quality support programs for young adults with disabilities, assisting their families, and educating their communities.

Above everything, The Summerhouse team places great weight in the strength of our credence:

COMMUNITY: We value people. Regardless of someone’s ability, disability, ideas, culture, or background, we find strength in the diversity of each person and their family.

COLLABORATION: We are a team with one vision and mission. As we work together and develop greater partnerships with others who share our values, we achieve sustained success.

COMMITMENT: Excellence and professionalism are crucial to all levels of our organization. Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior guide us through all our endeavors.


Mosaic (Dallas)

Mosaic is a faith-based organization serving more than 3,700 people with intellectual disabilities in 36 agencies located in 10 states. We believe that every individual is a person of worth. Together Mosaic staff members, volunteers and the people we support work as partners providing services that are personalized to their wants and needs.

Mosaic also participates in international outreach, governmental affairs and church relations to fulfill our mission – “Embracing God’s call to serve in the world, Mosaic advocates for people with intellectual disabilities and provides opportunities for them to enjoy a full life.”