Hot Chocolate, Steel City Pops Style!

With November in full swing we’re excited to add our famous Hot Chocolate Pops to our fall menu.  Our hot chocolate is not your average hot chocolate, it’s an experience!

This amazingly good drink starts out with a dollop of naturally sweetened marshmallow cream in the bottom of your cup.  On top of the marshmallow cream we add half and half, perfectly steamed. After that we put in the hot chocolate pop and turn the process over to you!  You stir the pop in the hot milk until the chocolate melts to combine with the liquid.  You’ll know you’re done when the stick comes out clean. Then all that’s left to do is enjoy drinking this tummy warming concoction.  Yum!

Our “Hot Chocolate Pops” come in three different flavors for you to enjoy, milk chocolate, chocolate mint, and amaretto.  Enjoy your hot chocolate in the store or take your hot chocolate (and a few of our pops in the new fall flavors) to go!  We’re ready for you!