House-made, Gluten-free Cookies

Every Cookie Pop you find at Steel City Pops is created with our house-made, gluten-free cookies. Every. Single. One. To create our cookie pops we knew we wanted only the best.

Finding the Right Cookie for our Pops

This began a search for the perfect cookie to go in our cookie pops. We investigated a lot of different options. Many of our customers are gluten intolerant or gluten conscious. So, we knew we wanted our cookies to be all-natural and gluten-free. The cookies that would go in our cookie pops also needed to be preservative free. After a lot of searching we decided the best way to get the kind of gluten-free cookie we desired was to make them ourselves!

Creating our House-made, Gluten-free cookie

Our culinary director, Katie Moon, has a great deal of experience with baking and began working on a cookie that would meet our needs. The cookies need to be a certain shape, have a texture that would “stand up” in our pop, and above all taste delicious. She and her team began experimenting and through a few trials and some taste tests (someone has to do it!) Steel City Pops cookies were born!

How Our Cookies are Made

Today, all of our cookies are made by hand in our Steel City Pops Cookie Kitchen. They are gluten-free, all-natural with no artificial flavors or ingredients.

For example, we make our house-made, gluten-free brownies from a rich and buttery batter that creates a crispy outside, chewy inside, cookie. Once the batter is mixed we hand press each batch onto cookie sheets lined with parchment paper.

After they bake, we cut them into “pop sized” cookies that will be inserted into some of your favorite cookie pops, like Chocolate Brownie.

Try our Cookie Pops!

We switch up our cookie pops menu from time to time with cookie pops we think you’ll love!  You can always find our staple cookie pops – Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Brownie on our menu. If you’ve never tried one of our Cookie Pops, you are missing out! We recommend starting with our Cookies and Cream Pop, a Vanilla Bean pop with chunks of rich, dark chocolate cookies throughout the pop. It’s super yummy!