January Pop of the Month – Grasshopper Crunch!

January kicks off the New Year with the Pop of the Month, Grasshopper Crunch!

We just can’t get enough of our chocolate mint pop! Our January Pop of the Month features our chocolate mint pop.  This pop is made with dark, rich chocolate and all-natural refreshing mint. These flavors combine together for a creamy, refreshing and satisfying pop.

The Pop of the Month begins with a chocolate mint pop dipped in organic Santa Barbara dark chocolate. We dredge it in house-made, gluten-free dark chocolate cookie crumbs for a little more dark chocolate goodness!  To finish it off we add a drizzle of smooth, creamy white chocolate. This dark chocolate and mint combination will have your taste buds singing!

The ingredients in our Pop of the Month are something you can feel good about.  And all of the flavors in this dipping combination are all-natural.  There are no artificial colors or flavors!  Everything you taste in this pop comes from natural ingredients.

The January Pop of the Month is not the only dipping combination you can try!  Check out our menu in the store for additional combinations that feature our house-made, gluten-free cookie crumbs and other delicious dips, dustings, and dredges!

You can find the January menu for your location on our web site.