Keepin’ Summer Alive!

There’s a bit of coolness in the air and the days are starting to fade a bit more quickly but at Steel City Pops we’re keepin’ summer alive!

We’re looking forward to fall and rolling out our new fall menu in a few weeks but for now we’re enjoying summer to the very end! If there is a summer flavor you haven’t tasted you still have time! Here are a few we recommend:


horchata-4Horchata – our version of the sweet, creamy Mexican drink with cinnamon and vanilla this pop tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch® cereal!


Sweet Curry – creamy, mellow sweet-spicy pop Steel City Pops - Sweet Currythat is surprisingly addictive. If you love Indian or Thai food, you won’t want to miss out on this one!


Steel City Pops - Root BeerRoot Beer – our first soda pop “pop!” It took many tries and experiments for us to figure out the best original recipe for root beer, but this one we are extremely proud of… any root beer lover will agree it’s quite tasty!


Spicy Ginger Ale – Sweet, spicy, and full of ginger flavor… true to it’s name. This pops has a strong Steel City Pops - Spicy Gingeraleginger flavor with a bite of spice.