Special Edition: Mayhaw Pop – Coming Soon!

Coming soon to our Alabama stores, the Mayhaw pop is one of our favorite fruity creations!

A traditional favorite in the South, these bright red berries grow in the wetlands of the south. The Hawthorne berry received the nickname “Mayhaw” as it ripens in late April, early May.  Over time they were referred to as “May-Haws”.

Similar to cranberries, you don’t want to eat Mayhaws raw. You cook the berries before using them in your favorite recipes.  The flavor is similar to an apple with a bit of tartness at the end. Mayhaws are traditionally used for juice, syrup, jelly, and wine.

Our Mayhaw pop consists of 3 ingredients, the juice of the Mayhaw berry (straight from a local farm), organic cane sugar, and water.  It’s simple, refreshing, and only available for a limited time!

NOTE: This pop is only available in our Alabama stores due to a crop shortage. We hope to have it in all of our locations next year.