Meet Brooks Veazey, General Manager, Austin, Texas

We are excited about our newest location coming to Austin, Texas! We’ve been vending in Austin for a little over a year and have grown to love the city and the community of Austin.

With the new store slated to open this month, we thought you might like to meet Brooks Veazey, our General Manager.  We think you’ll love Brooks and his wife Mary Ann. Fun fact… Mary Ann is our “in house artist” who creates many of our store murals including the new location in Austin. We hope you’ll stop by and meet them!

How long have you worked for Steel City Pops?
I have worked for Steel City Pops since 2013, as a part-time Team Member in college.

What brought you to Austin, Texas?
My wife and I came to Austin because we wanted to be a in city that had a rich culture, and we love that we are able to get outside and spend time in the hill country, and of course, to provide delicious pops that are sourced local and made local to the folks in Austin

How long have you lived in Austin?
My wife and I have lived in Austin for a little over a year.

What do you love about the city and community of Austin?
We love the laid back culture, how outdoorsy it is, and that in Austin we are on the cutting edge of what is happening in so many different industries – it is an exciting city to live in! We have also been overjoyed with the friendliness and care of the folks we have met here.

Where is the new store located?
We are located at 3001 Guadalupe Street. Right at the corner of 30th & Guadalupe.

Why is Austin a good fit for Steel City Pops?
Austin is a great fit for Steel City Pops because the city has similar values around food that we as a company have. The people of Austin value fresh, all-natural, locally sourced food, and we think that is a perfect fit for us. We are so excited to create relationships with local providers and to continue investing in the city.

What are you looking forward to most in having a store in Austin?
I am most excited to have a brick and mortar opening to create a space in Austin for folks to gather with family and friends and enjoy delicious pops and good company. I’m also excited because we get to be a part of an awesome area with great food like Via 313, Texas French Bread, The Halal Guys, Thai Kitchen, and so many more.