Meet Jack Roberson, General Manager – Atlanta, GA

We are super excited to open our newest location in the Atlanta area this month!  We asked General Manager, Jack Roberson, to share a little about himself and let you know why he is excited to open our first location in the great state of Georgia.

How long have you worked for Steel City Pops?
I have worked for Steel City Pops for two years.

What brought you to Atlanta, GA?
My wife and I moved to Atlanta from Louisville with Steel City Pops. My wife is from Atlanta so we are thankful my job brought us closer to family!

Tell us a little bit about your family…
I am from Decatur, Alabama, and my wife is from Atlanta. We met in college and have loved moving around the country from Birmingham to Louisville to Atlanta with SCP. Our first baby was born in April shortly after moving to Atlanta.

What do you love about Atlanta and the community of Decatur?
I love how Atlanta is a major U.S. city immersed in Southern culture. Decatur has a quaint, small town atmosphere within the city, but is vibrant with events and some of the top restaurants in the city.

Where is the new store located?
Our shop is at 312 Church Street in downtown Decatur.

Tell us a little about the team working with you in Atlanta…
My team consists of two other managers and our team members. Our two other managers are Khoa Pham and Frank Robertson. Khoa has served with SCP as a team member while he was in college at UAB, then the kitchen manager at our shop in Houston, Texas, and is now the vending manager in Atlanta. Frank joined SCP after graduating from Samford and moved to Atlanta to become our kitchen manager here. Our team members are remarkable individuals in Atlanta who are eager to serve our community.

Why is Atlanta a good fit for Steel City Pops?
With many close ties to the state of Alabama, Atlanta is a great fit for Steel City Pops. As we have continued to grow across the country in Texas and Kentucky, it is fitting that we open a shop in our neighboring state of Georgia. I look forward to seeing how our Atlanta shop plays a part in our company’s growth in the years ahead as we pursue other markets across the Southeast.

What are you looking forward to most in having a store in the Atlanta area?
I am looking forward to serving the Atlanta community at our shop. I love the spaces we provide our guests at our shops to be able to bring their families and friends to enjoy one another’s company as they enjoy our pops, and cannot wait to be able to provide this in Atlanta soon!