Meet the Creators of Sachai

This month, over a series of blog posts, we want to introduce you to our friends and creators of Sachai.   Founders Clint and Rebecca Denson create the delicious chai that makes our chai latte pop a sweet, creamy sensation bursting with tongue tantalizing spices.

Clint and Rebecca grew up on opposite sides of the world.  But one summer, in the heart of Alabama, a chance meeting changed their lives forever.

Clint grew up in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. Rebecca (Becky) grew up in Bangalore, India.  Their paths crossed in Lineville, AL, where she was attending SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology).  Rebecca returned to India shortly after they met but she and Clint stayed in contact with one another.

Eventually Rebecca came back to Birmingham to study at Samford University.  She and Clint began officially dating soon after and were married in 2010.  They currently reside in Birmingham, AL with their three children.

Clint and Rebecca share how they met here:  “Meet the Creators of Sachai – Clint and Rebecca

How Sachai Began

After Clint and Rebecca became engaged and were married Clint was approached by a local cafe to work as their tea manager.  At the time, other than a love for tea and a precious wife from India, he had limited knowledge about tea.

He and Rebecca began delving into tea and learning everything they could.  A while later they were offered the chance to start their own tea company.  A close friend offered to sell them his tea business.  They decided to take the leap!

They began working on new recipes and perfecting flavor combinations, testing various spices, and perfecting their brewing process.  Through the recommendation of friends and colleagues they partnered with friend and “chai officionado”, Anthony. With Anthony’s help they landed on a winning blend of spices and Sachai was born.

Meet Anthony and hear from Clint how Sachai began:  “Meet the Creators of Sachai – Anthony’s Story

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