New Allergy Friendly Pops are Here!

At Steel City Pops we are passionate about providing pops with all natural, fresh ingredients.  We also try to be mindful of our customers who may have limited options due to food allergies.  All of our pops are gluten-free and are free of any artificial coloring or flavorings.

The fruity side of our menu is completely dairy, gluten, and nut free.  There are typically 10 – 12 flavors available to choose from.  We hope that’s good news for our friends with any of those allergies.

On the creamy side of our menu we have typically offered a dairy free option in the form of our avocado pop or cashew pop.  Many of our customers have requested some additional dairy-free options and we’re excited to be able to offer you two new, dairy-free options!

NEW! Dairy Free Banana and Dairy Free Chocolate

The new dairy-free banana pop is sweet and creamy with a hint of cinnamon.  The creaminess comes from coconut milk, coconut oil, and avocado. This pop is silky smooth and packed with banana flavor. You’d never know it doesn’t have any dairy products in it!

Our new dairy free chocolate pop uses Santa Barbara organic dark chocolate and cocoa to give it a rich chocolate flavor and coconut milk and avocado to make it smooth, creamy, and fudgey.  It’s decadent and without the dairy! It just might just become your new, favorite pop!