November Pop of the Month: S’Mores!

One of our favorite dipping combinations is our November Pop of the Month: S’Mores! What a better way to celebrate cooler temps, fall leaves, and campfires. Well, at least that’s the way it is in the South! Some of our northern friends have been donning their jackets and using their fireplaces since late September. But here in the south that usually doesn’t happen until November.  When it finally does, the drop in the unforgiving summer temps is a reason to rejoice! And we’re doing it with our S’Mores Pop!

Pop made with Toasted MarshmallowsOur Pop of the Month begins with our handmade, toasted marshmallow pop. Let’s just take a minute to talk about how wonderful this pop is on it’s own. If you have ever sat around a campfire and roasted marshmallows you’ll know what we mean when we say this pop has the crispy, roasted, toasted, sugary flavor you love! We toast our vegan friendly, Dandy’s all-natural marshmallows to perfection. The result is a sweet, smokey, sticky, gooey goodness you find on the end of a clothes hanger wire held for just the right time over the fire. But this time you’ll find it on the end of a pop stick. It’s amazing!

To create the Pop of the Month we take that amazing toasted marshmallow pop and dip it in creamy milk chocolate and dredge it in our buttery, house-made gluten-free graham cracker cookies.  S’mores for the win! Once that combination hits your tongue you can’t help but do a happy dance. We promise! Our Pop of the Month, S’Mores, is one of the best you’ll ever get to taste!

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