The most asked question about Steel City Pops is finally answered!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we finally have the answers to the most commonly asked questions we get in our stores and throughout various social media. In fact it is the number one searched item about our stores online…what is the question?  It is…”Do you have nutritional information for your pops?”  And, as of today, we can say, ‘YES, we do!’

We want to assure you that this has been something we have been trying to do over the past two years, but it isn’t as easy to accomplish as we initially thought.  There are many reasons this had been challenging.

First, we wanted accurate information.  It is easy to enter your recipes into a software system and have it give you information, but we found too often that information was inaccurate.  Due to our limited experience in the field of nutritional analysis, we knew we weren’t doing things as accurately as an expert would and we couldn’t publish misinformation.

Additionally, due to the newness of our business, many of our recipes have gone through various modifications as we have gained more experience at knowing the best ways to produce the best flavors.  This, too, would have caused misinformation to be sent out to our customers.

Lastly, it’s very hard to find someone who has expertise in this field who is able to do what we needed.  We finally found an awesome nutritionist who specializes in computing nutritional information.  She was amazing to work with and so now we have answers!

While we believe in our products and methods of cooking, this information has confirmed one of our core values: If you put the very best ingredients into your food, you will get the very best out of your food.  We are so excited to share this information with you because we believe it is one of the most special things about our product.

The numbers:
All of our fruity pops contain an average of 100 calories.  All of our creamy pops contain an average of 189 calories.  Our portion size is a 4oz. (which is a good-sized dessert). It is very unique to find these kinds of calorie counts for the size and quality of dessert we offer.  If you would like more detailed nutritional information, it can be found on our online menu.

We are also happy to offer two distinct options to satisfy our customers’ cravings.  If you happen to be involved in a workout program, are more conscious of your calorie consumption, or if you are more careful about the things you allow your children to eat…our fruity pops are a great choice!  If you are looking for something more filling and rich, our creamy pops still have remarkably low calorie numbers when compared with other similar desserts.

We firmly believe in giving our customers the very best experience when they come into our shops.  We are thankful that you have chosen to spend your time and money on a product we are passionate about.  We hope you experience this in the service you receive and in the way our products taste…now, we also feel happy to know that what is not as apparent, is also the best we can give you.

We hope to see you soon!  We have lots of great options for everyone and our fall flavors are some of our favorites.

Thanks for supporting what we love, we are grateful for you.