Our Cookies… House-made & Gluten Free!

When we began creating our cookie pops we knew we wanted only the best, gluten free, cookies we could provide.  So, we decided to make them ourselves!

All of the cookies used in our Alabama, Kentucky and many of our Texas locations are made by hand in our Steel City Pops kitchen.*  And all of our cookies are gluten free.  They are all-natural with no artificial flavors or ingredients.

Our house-made brownie, for example, is made from a rich and buttery batter that creates a crispy outside, chewy inside, cookie. Once the batter is mixed we hand press each batch onto cookie sheets lined with parchment paper.

After they bake, we cut them into “pop sized” cookies that will be inserted into some of your favorite pops, like Chocolate Brownie.

We are currently exploring some new cookie pop menu items that we think you’ll love!  Stay tuned to the blog and our social media channels to find out more.

*In some of our Texas stores our cookies are made by Unrefined Bakery. Unrefined prides themselves on baking with only the finest pure and whole ingredients: organic and non-GMO flours, sugars, fats, dried fruits and nuts and organic, free-range eggs.  The cookies they create for us are delicious and gluten free. We are grateful for our partnership with Unrefined!