Our New Summer Menu is Here!

The days are longer, the sun is brighter and our new summer menu is here! We’ve got lots of new summer flavors to share with you and we can’t wait for you to try them!

Seasonal Summer Flavors

During the summer we like to create pops using fresh, seasonal fruit. On the new summer menu you will find the following flavors:


Our cantaloupe pop is a big favorite during the summer! We use fresh, ripe, cantaloupe that is almost as sweet as candy. We blend it up into a light, refreshing pop that will definitely cool you down on a hot, summer day!


Our new summer menu features the all-time classic, watermelon! This pop will take you back to your childhood. It’s flavorful and sweet, almost like eating a sun warmed melon right off the truck! (Learn how to find a ripe watermelon the next time you are in the store.)


Coming later this summer (July), peach is one of our most popular flavors on the new summer menu. We get our peaches from local providers so they are juicy and sweet. The texture is almost creamy and full of amazing peach flavor.

Cookie Pops on the New Summer Menu

Our new summer menu features some new, summer cookie pops too! This season you’ll find Strawberry Shortcake and Banana Pudding on the menu. Both of these pops are made with fresh, ripe fruit so they are naturally sweet and delicious. Strawberry cream surrounds a gluten-free shortbread cookie in our Strawberry Shortcake pop. Creamy banana ice cream surrounds our buttery, gluten-free shortbread cookie to create our Banana Pudding pop. Both pops are tasty and satisfying!

Which Flavor Will You Try?

You can find our new summer menu on our website. Check out all the wonderful, seasonal flavors we’ve added. If your favorite is no longer available, don’t worry! It will probably be back. We’d love to hear from you! Tag us in a photo on your next visit and tell us what you think.