Peach Pops are Back on Our Menu!

One of our favorites, peach pops, are back on our menu! Summer is one of the best seasons to make pops and not just because it’s hot outside. All of the yummy summer fruits are in season including one of our favorites, peach!

Local Peaches Make the Difference

Our peach and peach cream pops are pretty famous. There is a good reason for that! When possible we like to use peaches from local peach farmers. We wait patiently until the farmers tell us the peaches are ready. This is when we know they will be ripe and sweet! As soon as they are ready we bring peach back on the menu. We encourage you to support your local peach farmer and visit a local market near you. Here are some “pick your own” peaches tips.

Keeping It Simple

When you are using fresh, local peaches ripe and sweet from the tree you don’t need artificial flavors or colors to make a great pop! That beautiful color you see comes straight from the peaches. Our peach pop is naturally sweet with just a touch of organic cane sugar, a squeeze of lime and dash of sea salt. And our peach cream pop tastes like hand churned, homemade ice cream from your grandmother’s kitchen. The true flavor of the peach comes out in every bite of these pops!

Going, Going, Gone!

But don’t wait too long to try these delectable pops! Even though peach pops are back on our menu it is only in season for a short time. And once the local peaches are gone, our peach and peach cream pops are gone. Come on in and get them while they are here! They are amazing all on their own or customized in our Customization Station. You can find ingredient and nutritional information for both our pops on your local menu.