Have a Pop-Bar at Your Party!

The cooler months are coming, and with them come one of our favorite things at Steel City Pops – Chocolate Dipping! For those of you who are new to our pops, we like to add a creative (and delicious) spin to our pops in the winter. We melt rich milk chocolate into creamy goodness right in our stores. You can then get any flavor pop dipped at our counter. The chocolate dip adds another fun layer to your favorite pop of choice!

In fact, the flavor combinations are so unique and fun – we want you to be able to have your very own “Pop-Bar” at home! Having friends or family over? Here are some tips for hosting the “coolest” party around.

Tips for your Own Pop-Bar

  1. Bring home the number of pops you need. Pick great flavors that will compliment your chocolate dip. Some suggestions include = Strawberry, Vanilla, Buttermilk and Coffee.
  2. Make your chocolate dip. (See recipe below)
  3. Prep nuts and toppings and place them in bowls. Suggestions include = pistachios, almond slivers, crushed cookies, crushed graham crackers, chopped marshmallows and chocolate curls. Let your imagination go!
  4. Set out the pops and dip, and let your guests make their creations.
  5. When they first dip the pop, the chocolate will be a bit runny – this is the perfect time to roll it in toppings, or sprinkle them over the pop.
  6. The chocolate soon hardens into a “shell” – keeping the chocolate and toppings secure on the pop.
  7. Eat them! And enjoy having the easiest and most creative dessert  option around.

Chocolate Dip Recipe


Large bag of chocolate chips (24 ounce bag)
(You’ll need 4 – 4.5 cups)

3 cups Coconut Oil

Place chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl. Melt coconut oil in a medium pot on the stove. Remove from heat and pour over chocolate chips until they melt and mixture is smooth. If you need to heat mixture more to melt chips, do so in 1 minute increments.

Photos compliments of W&E Photographie http://www.wephotographie.com/