Pop of the Month: White Chocolate Wedding Cake

Everyone loves a wedding, especially celebrating at a wedding reception wtih all of the good food and, of course, the wedding cake! Our pop of the month for May embodies all the yummy goodness of a delicious piece of wedding cake.

This mouth watering pop starts with our Amaretto Cream Cookie pop. In the middle of our Amaretto Cream pop is a gluten-free, almond shortbread cookie surrounded by our rich and creamy vanilla bean ice cream.

We take that delectable pop and dip it in our white chocolate dip made from all-natural, organic white chocolate from Santa Barbara chocolate. We dredge it in sliced almonds, and finish it off with our house-made, all-natural, (no artificial colors or flavors!) fresh raspberry drizzle.

Every ingredient in this pop is the real deal and it’s amazing! The combination of the almond shortbread cookie, the vanilla bean ice cream, slivered almonds, and fresh raspberry drizzle make this pop simply stunning. It might be better than any wedding cake you’ve every tasted!