Pops for Your Freezer (12 Pop Box Contest!)

Did you know that you can take pops with you?  We have several different ways you can stock up on pops for your freezer, a party, or a trip to the lake!  And the really good news?  You get a discount when you buy 4 or more pops.  Pretty great, right?

4 Pop Bag
Want to take a few pops home for later?  Our 4 Pop Bag is the perfect option.  We tuck 4 of your favorite flavors into an insulated bag along with a cold pack to get your pops home and into the freezer for a snack or dessert after dinner.  These pops will travel safely to your freezer on a short trip of 15 minutes or less.  If it’s really hot outside, go straight home and get your precious cargo into your freezer right away. Be sure to take the pops out of the bag so that the cold air in your freezer can get to your pops!

12 Pop Bag
Want to have pops at the ready for an afternoon snack or need a dessert for dinner with your neighbors?  Our 12 Pop Box is the perfect way to take home a wide selection of our pops.  We pack your favorite flavors into a styrofoam container with 2 cold packs and slide it into our handy, dandy carrier.  These pops can travel a bit longer around 30 – 45 minutes.  If it’s really hot outside be sure to get them home sooner than later!  Once you get there, remove the container from the carrier, take off the lid, and store them in your freezer.  It’s important to take the lid off so that the cold air in your freezer can get to the pops, otherwise they’ll melt! Our pops will last about a month in your freezer.

Want more than 12 Pops?
We can make that happen! Bring in your own cooler and we’ll load you up!  A couple of helpful hints when ordering more than 12, especially if you want to use a cooler to transport your pops:

  • The colder the cooler, the better!  If your cooler has been out of the A/C, bring it inside and bring it up to room temp.  A hot cooler will melt your pops! (Throw a few ice packs in to help keep your pops cold if you aren’t traveling a long time and put your pops in a freezer as soon as you arrive.)
  • Long way to travel or not headed directly home?  Grab some dry ice at your local grocery store and bring it in with your cooler. We’ll pack your pops on the dry ice and they’ll last for hours.  (If you serve your pops straight off the dry ice, be sure to let them warm up a bit before you try to eat them.  Dry ice makes them extremely cold and too hard to eat!)
  • Want more than 50 pops?  You can order them in advance and we’ll have them ready to go when you get to our store.  Get more information about bulk ordering (including our bulk discount!) visit our website:  Pick Up Your Pops

12 Pop Box Winners!

We recently held a contest, “What’s in Your 12 Pop Box?”, on our social media channels.  Here are our winners!

If you won, email your mailing address to [email protected] and we’ll get a prize stick out to you for a 12 Pop Box. Congrats to all!

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