Say Hello to our Huntsville, Alabama, Store!

This week we’d like to invite you to visit our store in Huntsville, Alabama.  Huntsville, known as “The Rocket City” due to it’s involvement with US Space missions, is located in northern Alabama.  The team at our Huntsville store is an amazing, talented team.  Amber Harris, our Huntsville Team Lead, photographs and styles most of our incredible pop pics you see!  We hope you enjoy meeting all of the people who make our Huntsville store so awesome.


SCP:  What makes the community in the Huntsville area great?

Amber Harris, Team Lead: I think what makes the Huntsville community great is their curiosity. Though we have been open for a little over a year now, we still have some customers come in who have never been or didn’t even know what we were about. I also love the novelty that Huntsville holds on new places and things.

Kelly Shaffer, SCP Team Member: The community in Huntsville is so diverse and yet so closely knit at the same time. You might see a customer you went to high school with followed by a traveler from Bulgaria!

Triston Burton, SCP Team Member: I think what makes the Huntsville community so great is the vast variety of people our city.  We see lots of different customers who come in the store and hear lots of different stories while they are there.

SCP:  Where are you located and what makes your store unique?

Amber: Our store is located at Bridge Street Town Centre, which is home to many high-end boutiques and restaurants. Our store is located in amongst some great restaurants like Connor’s Steak and Seafood, PF Chang’s, as well as Pieology. It’s the perfect spot for us! You’re welcome to stay inside and enjoy our communal table or watch a performance by an amazing saxophone player just outside of our door (which is really nice at sunset!)

Khalil Norman, SCP Team Member:  The fact that we are at Bridgestreet is the best! There’s a lot of entertainment, so you definitely won’t be bored here. Being at an outdoor mall, our pops are the perfect treat to walk around with on a warm day.

SCP:  What do you enjoy most about your job?

Amber: One thing that I love about my job is introducing new flavors to the menu, or when someone’s favorite pop is added back to the menu. I love to see customers do little celebratory dances over flavors like Chocolate Peanut Butter. I also enjoy it when customers try our unique flavors like Sweet Curry and fall in love. I like to encourage people to try new flavors, because why not? You are always welcome to switch for another!Huntsville, Alabama Store

Kelly:  One of my favorite things about my job is to watch a customer bring in their friend and give them a full tour of the menu. It’s like they do my job for a me for a few seconds!  To see that someone has enjoyed our pops so much, they want their friend to experience them too, that is very rewarding. I believe word-of-mouth is one of the best indicators of some yummy quality pops!

SCP: What would you say to someone who has never visited the store and tried a pop?

Amber:  I would tell them how real and fresh our ingredients truly are, that we genuinely care about what goes in them and we always stay true to that. One thing that sets Steel City apart is the simplicity to the recipes and our willingness to tell you what is in our pops. We are happy to serve customers and would love to help you find your favorite pop.

Kelley: Coming to Steel City Pops is all about the experience. That experience may include learning about how we started from our friendly Team Members, picking out the pop best suited for you from a variety of flavors, tasting the real fruit and fresh ingredients in our pops, discovering your method of pop-eating (do you like to bite it or lick it?), sharing your pop with family and friends so you can try them all faster, or chatting with other customers on which flavors are the best.

SCP: What are your favorite pop flavors?

Amber:  It’s funny but I get asked this question almost every time I’m working and to be honest, my answer changes every time because I can’t pick a favorite! Today, its Honeydew! Sincerely, they’re all delicious. Just be adventurous and open minded!

Khalil: Strawberry Shortcake is my favorite because it was my favorite dessert growing up. The fact that it’s in pop form and tastes just as amazing as the dessert is mind-blowing.

Triston:   To be completely honest I don’t really have one. It really depends on the day and what I am feeling like will hit the spot. Most of the time if I’m in the mood for a fruity pop it’s either pineapple or strawberry. If I am feeling like something on the creamy side, I like coconut and chocolate.