Visit the Coolest Pop Shop in Alabama, SCP Airstream!

We think this Steel City Pops location is ultra cool and not just for the pops!  Jim Watkins, owner and founder of Steel City Pops, had always dreamed of creating an office or storefront in an Airstream trailer:

“I love going to the beach and buying fun food from an Airstream trailer. There’s just something about the nostalgia of an Airstream that takes me back. For years, I dreamed of having some type of shop or office set up in an Airstream trailer. So, for me, this shop was personal and it was very fulfilling to see it come to life.”

Not only is this location unique, there are really great SCP team members that serve our customers from this location. We’d like to introduce them to you. This is what they have to say about this location and the community of folks that visit our Airstream location in Birmingham, Alabama.

SCP:  What makes the community in the the Birmingham Highway 280 area great?

Charleston Helton, SCP Team Member:  There is something so special about how Birmingham is changing right now. The community is so great and serving them the past few years has been so rewarding. It is so exciting to see the community support local businesses and how that helps Birmingham grow.

Maggie Hagelskamp, SCP Team Member: The Airstream customers are amazing because they are so adventurous about trying new flavors!  They are also a committed bunch–many are regulars who I get to see at least once a week.

SCP:  Where are you located and what makes your store unique?

Charleston: The Airstream is so unique. It’s very similar to a food truck. We have picnic tables where customers can sit and hang out with friends. One of my favorite things about the air stream is to look out at night and see the string lights on and people sit around talking and eating pops.

RebeAirstream2cca Thompson, SCP Team Member:  The Airstream trailer is one of the coolest places in town where you can treat yourself to an even cooler dessert. It’s surrounded by spacious outdoor seating, lovely green plants, and hip hanging lights that only amp up the party when it’s dark outside.  It’s a convenient location as it’s right off of highway 280, making it easy for people to grab pops to bring on the way to a social event or on the way home from work or to just meet & eat with friends.

SCP:  What do you enjoy most about your job?

MaggChild with Popsie: My favorite thing about working at Steel City is seeing the reaction of new customers after they try their first Steel City Pop!  They have such a look of satisfaction!  Getting the chance to see a child’s face when you hand them a pop is priceless. I also love taste testing all the new flavors, of course!

Rebecca:  I enjoy the flexibility and versatility of my schedule and the ability to be able to work at many of our Birmingham locations.

SCP: What would you say to someone who has never visited the store and tried a pop?

Rebecca:  There’s a reason why this place is famous in Birmingham. There’s a flavor for everyone, it’s a hip place,  and the pops are all-natural and made made by hand in our Homewood store.

Charleston: Sometimes people are afraid to try one of our unique flavors. However, if you do not like a flavor, we will swap it out for another one, no charge! Steel City Pops has some great flavors like vanilla and chocolate. However, we also have some super unique flavors that are definitely worth trying! I encourage everyone to be adventurous and try something unexpected.

SCP: What are your favorite pop flavors?

Charleston:  My favorite flavor is peach cream. We use local peaches and you can definitely tell that it makes a huge difference. It is super refreshing and a good balance of sweet and creamy.

Maggie:  My favorite flavor is our Coconut pop!

Rebecca:   I have a favorite flavor for all three categories of pops that we have in the store.  On the creamy menu my favorite is lemon.  On the fruity menu my favorite flavor is passion fruit.  My favorite cookie pop is our cookies & cream pop.