Seasonal Fall Flavors are Leaving the Menu Soon!

Some of our favorite seasonal fall flavors are leaving soon and now is the time to stock the freezer!

We love creating fun fall flavors and seeing all of our customers enjoy those creations!  Fall offers so many wonderful options for ingredients and it’s really hard to choose which ones to include in our fall menu!  That’s why it’s really hard to say goodbye to some of our seasonal fall flavors. If you haven’t made it into one of our locations to try these amazing fall flavors, now is the time!  Here are a few we’d like to recommend. (All of our fall flavors are great, so feel free to choose more than the flavors we’ve recommended below!)

Blood Orange

Our blood orange pop is a delight to the eye with it’s deep orange color.  It fits beautifully in our seasonal fall flavors for that reason alone.  But the flavor of this pop is what really makes it shine.  The deep orange flavor balanced with just the right amount of sweetness and tanginess makes this one of our favorite fruity fall flavors.

Carrot Cake

On the creamy side of our season fall menu we’d recommend our carrot cake pop.  This pop is the perfect blend of everything you would find in a piece of home-made carrot cake!  The cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and nutmeg are perfectly balanced with a touch of tartness and sweetness you find in a slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  Carrot cake is one of our more decadent flavors but it is worth every bite!


November’s Pop of the Month is our S’Mores pop. The star of this fall menu combination is our toasted marshmallow pop. We toast vegan friendly, Dandy’s all-natural marshmallows to perfection and mix with it with organic cane sugar and sea salt. The result is a sweet, smokey, sticky, gooey goodness just like you get from a perfectly toasted marshmallow!  You can read more about this amazing pop in this post on our blog.

Honorable Mentions

If we’ve peaked your interest and your mouth is watering, here are a few more fall flavors that will be leaving our menu that you may want to try:  Horchata, Blueberry Cream, Cherry Sour Cream, Pumpkin, Passion Fruit, Hibiscus, Champagne White Tea, and Arnold Palmer.

Having a hard time deciding what to get?  We’ve got the solution!  You can take home our fabulous fall flavors in a 4 Pop Bag or 12 Pop Box. You’ll receive a discount and have the fall flavors you love in the freezer!