Sourced Local, Made Local, For Locals

Sourced Local, Made Local, For Locals… you may have seen this phrase in some of our posts on social media and on our signs in our local stores.  It’s something that’s pretty important to us.  Here’s what we mean:

Sourced Local

Since its beginning Steel City Pops has been passionate about using locally sourced, organic ingredients whenever possible.  As a company we continuously strive to establish relationships with local farmers and providers to source the ingredients we use in our pops.  We know that we can get the highest quality ingredients through local providers and we only want the best ingredients in our pops.

Made Local

All of our pops are made by hand in our local kitchen stores.  We want every pop that we serve to be the absolute best.  The way that we ensure this is to make our pops in small batches by hand.  And we want you to share that process with you.  Our kitchen stores are designed in such a way that you can “sit down in our kitchen” and watch us prepare your pops with love! We hope you can taste the “home-made” difference.

For Locals

In everything we do, every pop we make, we have you the customer in mind.  We want your experience in our shop or at our carts to be the very best. We want to provide you with a place where you can enjoy a delicious and satisfying dessert with your friends and family. And we want to support you as members of our local communities by establishing community partnerships, helping you with fundraising, and honoring those who serve our communities like members of the military, police officers, and firefighters.