Splurge a little! Customize your pop!

Our new spring flavors are amazing on their own but we encourage you to splurge a little and customize your pop!  Customizing your pop can turn your favorite flavor into an incredible dessert experience.  If you haven’t ever customized your pop we invite you to give it a try!

How do you customize your pop?Customized pops

Our customization station includes dips (Santa Barbara organic milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate), dredges (an assortment of nuts, gluten-free cookie crumbles, all-natural sprinkles, and toasted coconut), drizzles (milk, dark, white chocolate, raspberry and caramel) and dustings (sea salt, cocoa, espresso, and cinnamon).  (Find all of our customization options on your local menu. ) You can choose any pop flavor and add any combination of dips, dredges, drizzles and dustings to customize your pop and create an incredible, tasty treat!

Our recommendations when you customize your pop

When you visit Steel City Pops pick up a menu and check out the dipping combinations on the back. We’ve put together some combinations we think are simply delicious.  Some of these combinations are super simple and some use every aspect of the Customization Station.  So, if you are overwhelmed and aren’t sure what to try these combinations are ready to order or may inspire you to come up with your own unique combination. Here are a few to tempt your taste buds:

Tuxedo Crunch
Chocolate Pop dipped in White Chocolate, dredged in gluten-free dark chocolate cookie crumbs, drizzled with dark chocolate

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Crunch
Strawberry Cream Pop dipped in Milk Chocolate, dredged in gluten-free Dark Chocolate Cookie Crumbs, drizzled in White Chocolate

Hot Fudge Sundae
Vanilla Pop, dipped in Dark Chocolate, dredged in all-natural Sprinkles.

Here’s a pro tip if you are still overwhelmed.  Try dusting your pop with any of dusting options.  Dusting your pop is free and great way to try a new flavor combination.

If you customize your pop with an Instagram worthy combination, share it with us – @SteelCityPops, Facebook, Facebook.com/SteelCityPops.com or Twitter,  Twitter.com.SteelCityPops.