Steel City Pops Goes to California!


Recently, Steel City Pops packed up a few of our carts and headed out west to California.

Barrett Cutrer, one our Team Members from Homewood, AL, organized the trip. We asked Barrett to share a little about the teams experience in California.


SCP: Barrett, where did you guys go while you were in California?

Barrett: We went to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA to be a part of the 12th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am. While in San Diego, we also set up a few carts at the MLB Color Run and Soul Pose Yoga Event in downtown San Diego at Waterfront Park.SCP Color Run


SCP: What was the response to Steel City Pops on the west coast?

Barrett: The response was amazing! To many people, this was the first time they had ever tried a gourmet pop and they loved it! There were many requests for a larger presence in San Diego, with several already knowing about us. Many customers who tried a pop, came back to purchase several more. The all-natural aspect of our product was a great fit in San Diego culture. Many customers loved the taste, ingredients, and branding of Steel City Pops!

SCP BeachSide

SCP: Where are you headed next?

Barrett: On Wednesday, July 20-22, we will be traveling to Atwood Lake Park & Amphitheater in Mineral City, Ohio to sell our pops at Alive Music Festival. We’re looking forward to meeting new Steel City Pop fans!