Straight from the Farm

One of our favorite aspects of Steel City Pops is our focus on local growers and partnerships. In every community of which we are a part, we try to seek out the best farmers, artisans and breweries in the area and have our ingredients locally sourced. With the fall come several new delicious fall flavors, and we wanted to take a minute to highlight several of our amazing suppliers. And so now as you’re enjoying these fall flavors, you can know what farm they are coming from!

Mozzarella Company – Dallas, TX

Our Texas stores get fresh cream cheese from the Mozzarella Company in Dallas, TX. Located in downtown Dallas, Paula Lambert founded Dallas’ Mozzarella Company in 1982. Today her company has grown from making a few pounds of fresh mozzarella to producing over 30 artisanal cheeses, all of which Paula has created and developed. Her delicious cream cheese is featured in our Carrot Cake Pop.

Cranberry Hill Farms – Plymouth, MA

Although Cranberry Hill Farms is not necessarily “local” (it would be hard to find local cranberries in Alabama and Texas!), we are excited about our partnership from several states away. In Southeast Massachusetts, at the entrance to Cape Cod is Cranberry Hill, six acres of cranberry bog which has been certified organic for the past twelve years. It was challenging to find an all-organic cranberry farm, but we are thankful to have found them and are loving the crop they produce. Their cranberries are featured in our Cranberry Orange Pop.

Good People Brewing Company – Birmingham, AL

The folks at Good People Brewing Company simply set out to make good beer with their friends. After selling their first keg in 2008, things have taken off! They now offer five year-round brews and four seasonal, with their beer being enjoyed by people in Alabama and Tennessee. And now, their beer is enjoyed by even more people – through our pops! One of our new pops for the fall is named Bearded Tomatillo after the Good People Bearded Lady Beer used in making it – a nod back to the great things going on in Birmingham!

Rahr & Sons Brewing Company – Ft. Worth, TX

The Rahr family has been brewing great beer in America since 1847. Fritz Rahr felt the call to follow in his ancestors’ footsteps and opened Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. in Ft. Worth in 2004. Since then Rahr has exponentially grown its brewing capacity from 2,000 barrels a year to 20,000 barrels a year! We are excited to offer a delicious new spin on 2 of their beers – featured in our Sweet Potato Pecan Pop and our Bearded Tomatillo Pop.

Stone Hollow Farmstead – Birmingham, AL

A partnership that we’ve enjoyed for a few years now is with Stone Hollow Farmstead. Deborah Stone’s family business has grown from a natural love for the land to producing the finest cheeses, honey, specialty foods, and even skincare products. They are truly growing and doing things right at Stone Hollow Farm! There are 2 hard working cows, Poppy and Bessy, who enjoy the beautiful land at Stone Hollow – all while supplying the milk for our caramel, yogurt and cream cheese. Their milk and cheese are featured in our Carrot Cake Pop, Caramel Pop, Butter Pecan Pop, and our Smoked Fig and Cheese Pop.

This is just a snapshot of 5 great partnerships this season. We are honored to get to work with some great people who produce great products. And you can know that when you eat a delicious pop the ingredients are the very best our areas have to offer.