Taking Your Pops to a New Level!

Along with our amazing fall flavors we’re introducing something we think is pretty great…

Pop Dipping your way!

Want to take your Steel City Pop to the next level? Take a walk on the wild side and dip, dredge, drizzle, and dust your pop!

Create Your Own Steel City Pop Sensation!


How can you make that Steel City Pop even more delicious? (It’s hard to do, we know!)

DIP your pop!

SCP Diagonal Dipped Pop

Choose from three different kinds of chocolate – milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. You can dip the top of your pop, half of your pop, or go all the way to the bottom!

Want to make it even better?

DREDGE your pop!img_0544

After dipping your pop you can dredge your pop in 6 different toppings – chopped pecans, toasted coconut, chopped pistachios, gluten free chocolate crumbs, gluten free graham cracker crumbs, or chopped peanuts.

We’re not done! (Just when you thought we couldn’t make it any better!)

DRIZZLE your pop!

Top your pop with milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, or dark chocolate.


For that final burst of flavor, DUST your pop!
Choose from cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, cayenne, or sea salt.


The sky is the limit!

You can keep it simple, just a dip or a dust, or you can go all the way!  It’s your creation!

What will you do with your next pop?