Unique Flavors at Steel City Pops

We love to create and share unique flavors at Steel City Pops. Along with our traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry lemonade we offer some distinctive and specialized flavors that are absolutely delicious! We’d like to share just a few of the unique flavors we currently have on the menu in this post.

Dairy-Free Avocado

Avocado is a unique flavor that has been around at Steel City Pops for a while. It is one of our flagship, dairy-free pops. It is made with soft, ripe avocados, lime juice, organic cane sugar and sea salt. The texture is soft and creamy with a flavor that is reminiscent of key lime pie. This pop is a favorite of those who may have a dairy-allergy. If you have a food allergy we post all of our ingredients and nutritional information on our website. Visit your local menu and click “details” under the flavor you want more information for.

Blueberry Basil

This is one of the very first unique flavors at Steel City pops, Blueberry Basil. Blueberry and basil are not a typical combination you might see in a pop shop. But this savory and sweet combination is a big hit with those who venture out to try it. We add a little lemon juice and sea salt to bring out the sweetness of the berries. The blueberries and basil combine for a unique flavor combination that is refreshing and satisfying!


Another one fo the unique flavors at Steel City Pops is our staple flavor, Buttermilk! Yes, that’s right, buttermilk! This pop was inspired by the traditional southern dessert, Buttermilk Pie. If you’ve ever had it you know how delicious it is. (If you want to learn more about it our friends over at Southern Living have a great recipe for Classic Southern Buttermilk Pie.) This pop is one of our top selling pops and tastes similar to cheesecake. We recommend dipping it in dark chocolate in our Customization Station for a decadent treat!

Pineapple Jalapeño

Rounding out our unique flavors in this post is Pineapple Jalapeño. If you like a little sweet heat you will enjoy this amazing pop. It combines sweet, tart pineapple with the mild heat of jalapeños. The jalapeños give it just enough “bite” at the end to add some pizzazz. If you love a little spicy in your dessert you’ll love Pineapple Jalapeño!

Don’t forget, you can be adventurous at Steel City Pops without any risk! If you don’t love the pop you get, let us know and we’ll swap it out for your favorite flavor, free of charge.