White Chocolate Raspberry Wedding Cake

Our Pop of the Month for May is White Chocolate Raspberry Wedding Cake! Everyone loves a wedding! We especially love all of the good food and, of course, that includes the wedding cake. This month our pop has all the yummy goodness you expect from a delicious piece of wedding cake.

You need to come try this pop! This mouth watering combination begins with our Amaretto Cream Cookie pop from our Spring Menu. This cookie pop starts with an amazing gluten-free, almond shortbread cookie in the middle. It is surrounded by our sweet, rich and creamy vanilla bean ice cream. It’s an outstanding pop all on its own!

Creating White Chocolate Raspberry Wedding Cake

That delectable cookie pop will be dipped in our white chocolate dip. It is made from all-natural, organic white chocolate from Santa Barbara chocolate. We dredge it in sliced almonds. (Who can get enough of that sweet, almond flavor!) And you’ll love the extra crunch you get in each bite.

White Chocolate Raspberry Wedding Cake is finished off with our house-made, all-natural, fresh raspberry drizzle. And when we say fresh, we mean fresh! There are no artificial flavors or colors in our raspberry drizzle! It is made simply with fresh, ripe raspberries and pureed into a delectable drizzle.

You have to try this pop! Every ingredient in this pop is the real deal! White Chocolate Raspberry Wedding Cake will soon be your new favorite. The buttery, almond shortbread cookie, the vanilla bean ice cream, sliced almonds, and the bright red raspberry drizzle make this pop simply irresistible.