Why do we change our flavors?

We periodically update our menu and we change our flavors. Many of you have asked why we do that. So we’d like to share with you why our flavors and our menu tends to change.

Seasonal Fruits & Veggies

From the beginning we’ve created our pops using fresh ingredients (local when possible). Because we only use natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, ingredients, or preservatives, we want to use produce that is fresh and delicious. That way the flavor of your pop is the best it can be. So, we change our flavors and create a menu around those seasonal fruits and veggies.

A good example of this is when we change our flavors for the summer. Some of our most popular flavors are only available during the summer months when the fruit is at its best and sweetest. Several flavors that are only available during peak freshness in the summer are our cantaloupe, raspberry lemon, and watermelon pops. Summer is when cantaloupe, raspberries and watermelon are at their peak flavor. This makes your pop naturally sweet and delicious!

Seasonal Flavors

Pop made with Toasted Marshmallows

Each season has it’s own special flavors that we all love and enjoy. We have created a lot of fun pops that center around seasonal traditions and flavors. So in the fall, for instance, we change our flavors on the menu to highlight some of the flavors of the season. Some of our favorites are pumpkin, butter pecan, cinnamon apple, and toasted marshmallow. Here’s an example of some fun, seasonal flavors from Yummly

Try a New Flavor

When we change our flavors on the menu each season you may find that one of your favorites has gone away. But don’t worry! It will probably be back. Venture out and try a new flavor and you may discover a new favorite pop! There’s no need to be timid. We offer samples and if you end up not liking the pop you chose, we’ll replace it with another flavor no questions asked.