Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day with Steel City Pops!

Feb 10, 2021 | Seasonal

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Isn’t that crazy?! New Year’s seems like it was just last week. You can still celebrate Holidays while also socially distancing! We’ve rounded up a few fun, family-friendly Valentine’s Day idea for you to enjoy:

Have a Themed Picnic

Is it a little chilly outside? Yes. So bundle up and head to your local park for some fun! You can make a whole day out of it. Grab a blanket, some games, and some yummy foods! Head to your local grocery store and snag some heart shaped cookies, pink lemonade or fruity punch, and anything else your family loves! While your out, swing by Steel City Pops and grab some pops!

Family Movie Night

Movie nights are always a good idea. Go ahead and find some movies on Netflix or Hulu so you don’t spend 30 minutes searching for a movie. Have the fam’s favorite snacks ready to go and cuddle up on the couch!

Scavenger Hunt

Plan out an afternoon scavenger hunt for your kids! Plan to stop at a few of their favorite places (i.e. go feed ducks at a pond, park/ playground, favorite fast food drive-thru, Steel City Pops). Then draw out a map and write some clues for them to figure out! Play their favorite movie or music while in the car and talk about why you love them and how special they are to you!

Just like the rest of the Holidays this past year, Valentine’s Day is going to look a little different. Spend this year with your loved ones creating memories. We hope you stop by Steel City Pops so we can share the love with you too!

Want to ship a box of pops (love) to your friends or family? Click the link to ship some now:

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