How to Enjoy Your Favorite Pops When It’s Cold Outside

Dec 16, 2020 | Seasonal

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your pop craving has gone away! If you’re missing your favorite summertime treat or you want to switch up your usual dessert, try out one of these ideas that’ll make enjoying your favorite pop in the cold even better.

  1. Create a makeshift affogato/pop float

Affogatos usually combine gelato with espresso, but for this recipe, all you need is your favorite creamy pop and a hot drink! Pair a vanilla bean pop or chocolate pop with your freshly brewed coffee—as it melts, it’ll turn into a creamy coffee drink that makes your breakfast feel more like a dessert. If you aren’t a coffee drinker, you could try it with hot chocolate or a warm spiced cider. Try a different combo every week until you find your favorite.

2. Serve your pop with a warm baked good

Is there anything better than delicious ice cream melting on a warm brownie? We didn’t think so! Grab a delicious creamy pop in any flavor, heat up a brownie or chocolate cake, then add the pop to the brownie so it melts to create a delicious dessert. Just like the pop float combos, you can try different options until you find your perfect dessert. Try a brownie with a vanilla bean pop, a brownie pop with a gooey chocolate chip cookie, or even a fruit-flavored pop with cheesecake.

3. Grab your pop after a great workout

Is it feeling cold outside? Don’t worry—after having a great workout, you’ll love grabbing a refreshing pop! Whether you hit up a fitness class, spend some time at the gym, or go solo by watching a workout on YouTube, enjoying a fruity pop after your workout will hit the spot.

4. Have a summer-themed party

Missing summer all around? Throw a summer-themed party! Invite your friends, turn on your favorite music to enjoy at the beach, and serve your favorite summer food, from barbecue to cold desserts. You can go all out and search Pinterest for fun summer party ideas, or you can keep the party simple. Celebrate the summer vibes and begin the countdown to warmer months!

No matter when it is in the year or what the weather’s like, there are plenty of reasons to grab your favorite pops!

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